Francine Joyce

About this site

Francine Joyce, a French nutritionist, specializes in digestive issues, eating disorders, and weight management. Her clinic offers tailored nutritional plans and treatments for overall health, body reshaping, and skin rejuvenation.

About this site
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About Francine

Francine Joyce is a Franco-British nutritionist (French "diététicienne") with an extensive experience in digestive pathologies, weight-management, body-image issues and eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, phobias, emotional eating) with both French and British qualifications. She is registered on the French Embassy's "liste de notoriété".

About Our Services

We welcome children, teenagers, athletes, pregnant women, older generations and all those whose lifestyle would benefit from a change in the rhythms and composition of their meals.

This site is for men and women who want to :

=> get their energy back and rediscover fitness and good health

=> regain control on their eating habits (especially in case of anorexia, body image issues, hyperphagia, emotional eating, phobias ...)

=> lose weight but (rightly) hate diets

=> say good bye to digestive symptoms ( bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, reflux ...)

=> improve performances (at school, at work, in sport)

=> have a smooth pregnancy

It is also for those who want to :

=> reshape their body in a non-invasive way (check

=> treat cellulite (on abdomen, legs, arms, bum, hips...)

=> fight water retention and heavy legs syndrome (lymphatic drainage)

=> remove unwanted hairs permanently (Cutera)

=> rejuvenate facial skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines (Genesis)

=> treat rosacea (Genesis)