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Brazilian Contouring : cellulite treatment

Brazilian Contouring : cellulite treatment
Step into "your sexy self" !

Brazilian Contouring or bodyshaping is a non-invasive endermological technique for firming and redifining your silhouette. It combines 4 scientifically proven technologies to effectively tackle cellulite, even in the most rebellious areas. The effectiveness of the treatment relies on the simultaneous combination of : laser light, infrareds, ultrasounds, radiofrequency and vacuum. Each of these target a specific aspect of the fat deposits under the skin. It is painless and has no down time.


Brazilian contouring is a result-driven treatment which aims at eliminating unshapely body curves (legs, bums, belly, hips, arms) and saggy skin without the risks of surgery.

It combines :

to smooth the superficial underlayer of the skin by melting the collagen bridges between the fat cells.

to increase the permeability of the cell membrane and allow the fat content to escape

to melt down the fragments of solid fat that have escaped from the lipocytes.

to also tighten and re-tone the skin by stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin.

to push the liquified fat into the lymphatic system and therefore permanently get rid of it naturally (in the toilets !).

The whole process lasts about 1 hour. It is pain-free and has zero down time. The results are immediately visible and improve further over the following 2 weeks.

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