Francine Joyce

Francine's CV and experiences

Francine's CV and experiences
Franco-British nutrition expert in Chelsea, London : Francine Joyce

To know me better, here are the main stages in my career

Medicare Français - Earl's Court, London (nutrition coaching, digestive pathologies, eating disorders, lymphatic drainages, laser cosmetics treatments, cellulite treatments, permanent hair removal)

Kensington International Clinic - South Kensington, London (dietetics, eating disorders, cellulite treatments)

London Obesity Clinic - Harley Street, London (nutrition and weight-management consultant)

Cromwell Hospital - Earl's Court, London (nutritionist in gastro-enterology, peadiatrics and diabetes departments)

Clinique Mutualiste - Grenoble, France (nutritionist in diabetes, oncology and geriatrics departments)

Dispensaire Français - Hammersmith, London (nutritionist)

President of Société Clinique Française - Hammersmith, London (organisation of medical conferences)

Cheyne Family Center - London (nutrition for toddlers and pregnant women)

Bioderma (skin and nutrition - "Embrace your Skin" project)

National Federation of Shotokan Karate - London (nutritionist)

Danone - department of Research and Development, London (nutrition consultant)

Beating Bowel Cancer - UK (nutritionist for bowel cancer patients)

Prader Willi Association - UK (nutritionist for patients with genetic obesity)

Clinique du Léman - Thonon les Bains, France (assistant in the imagery department)

Centre Médical du CNES in Kourou, French Guyana (French-English translator)

Linguistics Teacher in Paris, Créteil, Fontainebleau, Lyon

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