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Microbiome : listen to your belly !

Your gut flora is your strongest health asset !

Microbiome : listen to your belly !
Your gut flora is your most beautiful health ally !

Your gut has the answers to many of your health questions.

It is a flexible organ that changes and adapts continuously to your lifestyle and even to your mood ! It is THE organ that keeps you alive.

So your general health starts by showing respect your gut !

Your gut actually affects your digestion but not only. It has a direct impact on your whole body, including your brain. And most scientists believe that the future of medicine is there … hidden in your gut.

From the inside we all look alike.

inside you gut ...

None of us can digest without the help of our gut bacteria. They have a bad reputation BUT in reality, they are effective allies – helping us relieve symptoms of digestive discomfort and protecting us from all sorts of conditions including auto-immune diseases. Most of our immune system actually sits in our gut.

a good immune system will keep germs and microbes away

Our gut bacteria produce substances that our body is not able to synthetise and which we need to fight germs and microbes.

We all have a different relationship and reactions to food, to life and to treatments. This is because our microbiome is the result of all our micro choices : what foods we eat, who we kiss, where we travel, what animals we live with, how much sport we practise. In fact our gut flora is like a photo album of memories. We all have a different one !

Scientists have shown that our gut flora has weakened over the years due to our increasing use of antibiotics and the detrimental effects of food processing. Processed food lose the active nutrients that keep our good bacteria happy and alive. The “bad ones” gradually take the upper hand causing all the unpleasant symptoms of IBS (bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, unstable mood …)

Genes are not the only key to our health. Our microbiome (our gut flora) also plays an essential role in the incidence of obesity, allergies, stress, depression, hypertension, skin conditions, mental issues and many chronic diseases.

your gut flora affects your whole body

We cannot change our genes BUT we can change our intestinal flora ! And this is easy. We can strengthen it and boost its many actions by simply modifying our diet. Mostly widening the variety of our nutrition.

food variety is key to strong health

The more different foods you eat, the more different types of “ gut soldiers” you will host in your intestines to protect your entire body.

your immune system mostly sits in your gut

Logically, restrictive diets will weaken your microbiome and therefore, your immune system.

In 2024, it is difficult to decide what to eat : with or without gluten ? vegan ? high in proteins ? low in calories ?  rich in vitamins ? in Guarana ? in spirulina ? in chlorella ?

food questions : what is the best diet ?

With these questions and our growing insecurity, the risk of orthorexia (and subsequent anxious behaviours associated with eating disorders) increases.

In addition, it is more and more difficult to read and understand labels. Also they do not provide adequate answers to your questions. For example, the amount of calories mentioned on a packet does not indicate how much energy each of you will draw from it. And this is very variable. Each of us will draw a very different percentage of calories and nutrients from the same product depending on our metabolism and health status.

Analysing a product is much less interesting than analysing who is going to eat it !

happy gut !


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