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Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts
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Eating well is a pleasure ; it is also the key to good health. Nutritional needs vary according to sex, age, weight / BMI, level of physical activity, culture and in some cases health problems. But in spite of these variables, the basic ground rules of a balanced diet are the same for everybody.

There are two main principles : to vary, and to diversify your meals because no single food contains the necessary balance of nutritients for the optimal functioning of the body. It is also essential to maintain the pleasure elements in your daily routine and avoid the frustrations of diets. These will systematically lead to compulsions and ruin all your efforts.

Daily food portions need to cover but not exceed the quantitative needs of your body.

Sticking to a regular rhythm will ensure that energy levels are evenly spread throughout the day. It will help resist unnecessary snacking.

Why and when should you consult a nutrition professional ?

There are many reasons you might want to consult a dietician or a nutritionist :

A good nutritional status will help recovery, prevent many diseases, and boost medical treatments.

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Importantly, it is particularly difficult to find your way through the millions of good and bad recommendations on internet. While some advice can prove helpful others are untrustworthy or even dangerous. If you have questions or symptoms, it is always best to ask a qualified professional.

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