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Lymphatic Drainages in London

Lymphatic Drainages in London
Full body lymphatic drainage

lymphatic drainages - also called Pressotherapy- are powerful and pleasant massages that fight water retention, help reshape your legs (or arms, or full body) and give them a fresh "spring-like" feeling.

They stimulate blood circulation much deeper within the tissues than manual massages.

You will loose between 300g and 1000g of water at every 30 minute session, making you feel like a ballerina . It helps flush away toxins and metabolic waste naturally. The well-being sensation is immediate.

As it reduces oedema (fluid retention in the tissues) and contributes to reshaping the body (even though it is not its primary purpose). It reduces the orange-peel aspect of the skin as well as the risks of variscose veins.

It is also used to fight oedema caused by surgery (often after the removal of lymph nodes in certain cases of breast cancer)


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) is based on a controlled compression system. It uses inflatable blankets and boots that fill up with air from ankles to your upper thighs or from your wrists to your underarms and around your back. Each compartment inflates and deflates every 20 seconds for half an hour. It may cause light sweating due to toxin elimination through the skin.

There are very few contra indications . It is not recommended if you suffer or have suffered from deep vein trombosis (DVT), serious cardiovascular diseases, local infections, renal pathologies and cancerous tumors.


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